RockItCoin Pricing and Fee Schedule

Prior to each cryptocurrency transaction, RockItCoin establishes a transaction price by adding a margin, or spread, to a real time market price disseminated from a third-party cryptocurrency exchange.  The spread may vary by customer, location, or other market conditions. RockItCoin will not disclose the specific spread applied to a transaction, however the resulting price including the spread is clearly displayed for the customer to review on the kiosk prior to completing the transaction.

RockItCoin may also charge a separate flat fee per transaction in addition to the spread, as outlined below:


Transaction Size


Bitcoin (BTC)

up to $99
$100 and over


Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

All transactions


Litecoin (LTC)

All transactions


Ethereum (ETH)

All transactions


By using RockItCoin’s services, you agree to pay all applicable fees (including any applied spread).