New RockItCoin ATMs were just added in Connecticut! See our newest locations. New RockItCoin ATMs were just added in Texas! See our newest locations.

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1. Download The App

Download the Rockitcpoin app on your iOS or Android device. You can find the free app for your respective device: Rockitcoin App iOS & Rockitcoin App Android

2. Open The App & Sign In

Open the app and enter your existing username and password to sign in.

3. Start Buying Crypto!

Once you have created your account, you can now buy crypto anywhere! Trade in the app or head to the nearest RockItCoin ATM location to start buying crypto today.

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RockItCoin FAQs College Park, Decatur

Need assistance?

Read the RockItCoin FAQs for tips, advice, and thing to look out for. Learn more about Bitcoin in our comprehensive knowledge base, or submit a ticket if there's something we didn't cover

Is RockItCoin Safe?

Yes. RockItCoin is The most trusted name in Bitcoin ATM™. We go to great lengths to protect the privacy of our users and to make sure every transaction settles quickly and accurately. It can be difficult to differentiate between legitimate companies and fraudsters when investing in cryptocurrency. Thus, we commend all of the readers who’ve…Read more

How to Buy Bitcoin Using a RockItCoin ATM

RockItCoin ATMs make it easier than ever to buy Bitcoin. All transactions are cash-based, so you won’t even need a credit card. Once you’re in front of the ATM, it will guide you through every step of the process. But we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to show you how to buy Bitcoin from an…Read more

How to Sell Bitcoin Using a RockItCoin ATM

When you are trying to “Withdraw Cash” from a RockItCoin ATM what you are truly doing is selling us crypto currency for cash. The process can be completely painless with these simple steps. Step 1: When you walk up to the screen you will have to select the action of “Withdraw Cash” Step 2: You will…Read more

How To Setup Your RockItCoin Wallet

Setting up your RockItCoin wallet is easy, just follow these simple steps. Step 1: Download the app. Step 2: Create your account by clicking “create an account” on your screen. Then create a username. Step 3: Create a secure password that is 10 characters long with at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase, and one number. Be…Read more

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