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Greenville, SC Bitcoin ATM Locations

Find your nearest Greenville, SC Bitcoin ATM location below

Buy Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM in Greenville, SC

At RockItCoin, we’ve made it our mission to bring Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies into the daily lives of as many people as possible. To do so, we’ve installed more than 1,500 of our Bitcoin ATMs across the country. And we’re just getting started. In fact, you’ve probably already seen one of the several kiosks we’ve installed to let you buy Bitcoin in Greenville, SC.

With multiple locations throughout the city, you can load up on your favorite crypto while grabbing groceries or on your way home from work. And although we refer to our machines as Bitcoin ATMs, they actually support a variety of cryptocurrencies. So whether you’re interested in BTC, ETH, LTC, or BCH, you can buy your coin of choice at any RockItCoin ATM!

Find a Bitcoin ATM in Greenville, South Carolina

In case you haven’t stumbled on any of nearby Bitcoin ATMs, scroll down for a list of locations in Greenville. Or, if you’d prefer to see where they are in relation to you, stop by our Locations page for a searchable Bitcoin ATM map. With kiosks scattered across the city, you’re sure to be within a mile or two of one right now!

Buy or Sell Bitcoin for Cash

Every RockItCoin ATM is cash-only. This ensures that we never collect any unnecessary information about our customers. We know how important privacy is to our users, so we do everything in our power to respect that. Thus, all you need to use one of our ATMs is a phone number.

We also recommend using a digital wallet, like the RockItCoin mobile app, to store your coins. Available for iOS and Android devices, our wallet lets you store dozens of different coins and gives you full control of your private keys. Although you’re free to keep your coins anywhere you like, the simplicity and intuitive interface of the RockItCoin app make it an excellent option.

And while you can buy Bitcoin for cash at any of our ATMs in Greenville, did you know that select machines also let you sell your Bitcoin for cash? That’s right, no more waiting for bank transactions to clear! You can get cold hard cash in your pocket any time you want. Use the Buy & Sell filter on the Locations page to see where you can sell or just scroll down to see the features of each kiosk in Greenville.

For Larger Transactions, Consider Trading OTC

RockItCoin’s OTC crypto trading desk makes it easy to fill your wallet with large sums of crypto at discounted rates. Available for any transaction valued at $10,000 or more, this service includes 1-on-1 support from one of our professional crypto managers. You’ll get fast settlements, lower rates, and the ability to buy or sell without dealing with public exchanges.

Touch base with us today to learn more and start trading crypto over-the-counter today!