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Raleigh, NC Bitcoin ATM Locations

Find your nearest Raleigh, NC Bitcoin ATM location below

Looking to Buy Bitcoin Near Raleigh, NC?

Thanks to RockItCoin, buying and selling Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is easier than ever before. Our Bitcoin machines near Raleigh, NC can be accessed by anyone with a working digital wallet. Visit one of our cryptocurrency ATMs today!

It All Starts With the RockItCoin Digital Wallet

Before you can begin buying cryptocurrency, you’ll need to create a digital wallet where you can store your funds. The RockItCoin digital wallet is easy to use and available as an app for both iPhone and Android devices. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll find that the operations of our digital wallet are very similar to traditional banking apps you may have used: you can view your balances, send payments, and receive funds. It’s easy to get started! Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Buy Bitcoin Near Raleigh, NC

RockItCoin has many conveniently located Bitcoin machines near Raleigh, NC. While all of our machines allow users to purchase cryptocurrency, select machines also allow users to sell their crypto for cash. Before setting out for your trip, it’s best to check out our interactive ATM locator to find the right location for your needs. Our locator displays information on every machine, including its buy/sell capabilities and hours of operation.

Cash-Only Transactions

Our Bitcoin ATMs are extremely easy to use and transact exclusively in cash. At RockItCoin, we understand that one of the most attractive features of getting into the cryptocurrency game is the additional security and privacy that comes with it. By disallowing credit cards at our in-person locations, we’re reducing the personal data collected with each visit. For more information on using our crypto ATMs to buy Bitcoin near Raleigh, NC, watch this demo.

Our OTC Institutional Trading Desk

We strive to make cryptocurrency trading accessible to beginners and veteran traders alike. In order to cater to more advanced users, we offer over-the-counter trading services for those looking to buy or sell large quantities of cryptocurrency. Each customer we service through our OTC desk receives one-on-one, white glove support throughout the process. The benefits of our deep liquidity and diverse profile can be felt through the fast settlements we provide.

Customer Support

As ambassadors for cryptocurrency trading, we prioritize providing the highest level of customer services to everyone who contacts us. Our team can be reached at 1-888-70-BITCOIN by phone call or text. We can also be reached via email for support. However you choose to reach out, you can rest assured that we are standing by to make things right!