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FAQs About RockItCoin Bitcoin ATMs

How to Sell Bitcoin Using a RockItCoin ATM

When you are trying to “Withdraw Cash” from a RockItCoin ATM what you are truly doing is selling us crypto currency for cash. The process can be completely painless with these simple steps.

Step 1: When you walk up to the screen you will have to select the action of “Withdraw Cash”

Withdraw Cash

Step 2: You will have to select the range that you would like to transact for this example I will be selecting “$20-$750”

Sell Bitcoins

Step 3: You will have to put in your phone number.  This is how we recognize your verification with the “RockItCoin kiosk”. Make sure you read and understand the bright red lettering underneath. This is an important warning that you need to understand before continuing.

Identity Verification

After which you will be asked to input your PIN

Select PIN

After registering and signing in you will need to Select the cryptocurrency you would like to sell and the amount of money you would like to withdraw. For this example I will be selecting “Bitcoin” and  “$20”

Select Type of Cryptocurrency

Withdrawal Amount

The screen will display a unique QR code. This Code should be scanned using your digital wallet on your phone. It will auto fill all of the required information such as the address it is sending to and the exact amount of coin to send to the address to fund the withdrawal.

Do not change the amount you are sending or it could result in a delay in processing

Amount of BTC You Sold

Select “Scan” or “send” on your digital wallet and scan the QR code

Wallets Balance

At the top it will tell you what currency the wallet supports.
BTC = Bitcoin
LTC = Litecoin
ETH = Ethereum
BCH = Bitcoin Cash
You do NOT need to select

Once scanned it will autofill the information and you will have to Confirm that you want to send on your phone. Sometimes this will be a slide bar some times this will be a confirmation button or “finish” or “send”

Sell Bitcoin, Get Receipt & Finish

Now that you have confirmed you it will be available in one confirmation cycle. The system will send you a message when you are ready to Redeem

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