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FAQs About RockItCoin Bitcoin ATMs

How to Request/Receive and Send Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is a quick and efficient peer to peer payment method. It can be very useful when gifting or purchasing goods and services. This will require you to be able to send and receive Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Don’t worry, here at RockItCoin we have you covered.

The first thing you’ll need to do is have a digital wallet with funds on it. If you do not have a digital wallet I would suggest RockItCoinX Signing up for RockItCoinX. For the ease of use the rest of this ‘how-to’ will be using the RockItCoinX application. These instructions are also exact for the Edge wallet application. However these instructions can be used for most digital wallets.


Step 1:  Select “Scan” Once you are logged in you’ll see your wallet screen and have to select “Scan”

Step 2:  Making sure you are in the correct currency. The RockItCoinX application can support many currencies. This gives you a lot of freedom but also means you have to make sure you are in the correct currency.

At the top it will tell you what currency the wallet supports.

BTC = Bitcoin

LTC = Litecoin

ETH = Ethereum

BCH = Bitcoin Cash

In this instance I know the application is looking for a Bitcoin digital wallet

Step 3: Input Public Address . Once you click scan your phone will turn on the camera.  (if if does not have access please allow access to the camera in your settings) from here you’ll have 3 options: I would suggest option 3a

Option 3a

Scan the QR code

At this point all you’ll have to do is make sure the public address QR code is in the field of view.

Option 3b

Copy and Paste the public address

If you have the public address in a text message you can hold down on the text bubble this will bring up a menu with the option “copy”

Then you will need to go to your “Scan” window just like step 1

From there though you’ll have to click “Address”

Because you have the address copied, a “paste” option will appear.

All you have to do is click that option.

Option 3c

Manually enter the public address

Just like both steps above you’ll need to enter the “Scan” window

Next you’ll click “Address” just like the above step.

However because you don’t have an address copied no paste option will appear,

 you’ll just click on the line that says “Public Address or Private Key” and a keyboard will appear.

You’ll just have to manually enter the Public Address.


Step 4:  The mining priority decides how quickly a transaction confirms on the blockchain. The higher the mining priority the quicker it confirms but also the more expensive it is.

For setting the mining priority you can simply click on the link below

Setting your mining priority

Step 5:  Selecting the amount you want to send. For this the step is easy enough simply type in the amount you want to send. Whatever amount you type into the “$_USD” section is the amount that will be sent YOU WILL NEED MORE THAN YOU ARE PLANNING ON SENDING IN YOUR WALLET  to cover the mining fee

Step 6:  Slide to confirm the transaction This is actually a step many people forget to do. Even if you take the time to fill out all the information the transaction will not send until you slide the bar to confirm.

And that’s all there is to sending with the RockItCoinX application.


Receiving crypto is even easier with the new RockItCoinX wallet application.

There are two options to get to what you need and both of them are fairly quick.

First once you sign in you should be at your wallet screen. All you have to do is select the wallet you want to receive at.

For this example I’ll select the most common option Bitcoin

Next you’ll select “Receive”

 This will pull up your receiving address

From here you can have the other person scan this code directly

or you can send the code by hitting “Copy” and pasting it to a text message

or by hitting “share” and sending it through that feature

Now your friend has your public address and can follow the above instructions to send you crypto