FAQs About RockItCoin Bitcoin ATMs

How to Buy Bitcoin Using a RockItCoin ATM

Note: It’s always best to have a bitcoin wallet set up before you visit the ATM. Click here to download the free RockitCoinX wallet. The RockitCoinX Wallet supports BTC, LTC, ETH & BCH.
When you first walk up to the RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM you’ll see this screen

Withdraw Cash

Step 1:From here we will click “Buy Coins” and select the range we want to transact. For this example I’ll transact “$20-$750”
Buy Bitcoins
Choose Bitcoin Amount
Step 2: Here it will ask for your phone number and display a warning. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE WARNING BEFORE CONTINUING
Identity Verification
NEVER send Bitcoin to pay for Utility Bills, to pay Government entities or Law Enforcement. All Transactions are IRREVERSIBLE so they are also FINAL.
Put in your secret PIN
Select PIN
Step 3: Choose the cryptocurrency you would like to purchase. For this transaction I will choose “Bitcoin”
Select Type of Cryptocurrency
Step 4: Choose where we should send the Bitcoin. For this I’ll choose the preferred method. “Scan Wallet QR Code”
Send Bitcoin At
Scan Wallet QR Code
Step 5: Scan your “Wallet QR code” The scanner is located above the keypad and will light up red. It works just like a grocery store scanner and if your phone doesn’t fit you can angle it and still get it to scan.
Scan Your Wallet QR Code
On your digital wallet app hit “Receive” or “Request”
On the Edge app it will be at the bottom and called “Request”

Receive or Request Wallet Address

At the top it will tell you what currency the wallet recognizes.
BTC = Bitcoin
LTC = Litecoin
ETH = Ethereum
BCH = Bitcoin Cash
I know I can scan this address because I am purchasing Bitcoin and it says BTC at the top of my screen.

Step 6: Is this your wallet? We want to make sure you get the Bitcoin you are purchasing at our kiosk. Make sure that the address is one that you own and have control over. If so you can proceed.

Get The Bitcoin You Are Purchasing

Step 7: This screen will display the address you will be receiving the coin at. From here we just have to put in the bills.

Address You Will Be Receiving The Coin At

The bill acceptor will blink green, simply place the bills in the acceptor.

Bill Acceptor

After placing the bills in the amount of BTC you are purchasing will increase.

This is the amount that will be sent to your address

Amount of BTC You Purchased

Step 8:Click “Finish” when you are done inserting money to purchase Bitcoin. Now select how you would like to get your receipt.

Purchase Bitcoin, Get Receipt & Finish

If you select email and then change your mind and hit the “X” you are opting to not receive a receipt. There you go. You are all done. Congratulations on your purchase!