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FAQs About RockItCoin Bitcoin ATMs

How to Buy Bitcoin Using a RockItCoin ATM

When visiting a RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM to buy Bitcoin follow these steps: Note: It’s always best to have a bitcoin wallet set up before you visit the ATM. Click here to download the free RockitCoinX wallet. The RockitCoinX Wallet supports BTC, LTC, ETH & BCH. When you first walk up to the RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM…Read More

How to Sell Bitcoin Using a RockItCoin ATM

When you are trying to “Withdraw Cash” from a RockItCoin ATM what you are truly doing is selling us crypto currency for cash. The process can be completely painless with these simple steps. Step 1: When you walk up to the screen you will have to select the action of “Withdraw Cash” Step 2: You will…Read More

How To Setup Your RockItCoinX Wallet

Setting up your RockItCoinX wallet is easy, just follow these simple steps. Step 1: Download the app. Step 2: Create your account by clicking “create an account” on your screen. Then create a username. Step 3: Create a secure password that is 10 characters long with at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase, and one number. Be…Read More

How to Download and Use a Paper Wallet?

Instructions – How to Import a Paper Wallet: A paper wallet (the receipt with two QR codes) is a TEMPORARY form of storing your Bitcoin. The top QR code is the Public Key and the bottom QR code is the Private Key. The Public Key is used to FUND the wallet and the Private Key…Read More

Troubleshooting The RockItCoinX Wallet Application

Having a little trouble with the RockItCoinX Wallet? No problem we are here to help. First and foremost make sure you have your account backed up. Part of the appeal of Cryptocurrencies like BitCoin is that it is incredibly secure. If you lose your log in information there is nothing we can do to help…Read More

How To Host A RockItCoin ATM In Your Business

A great way to earn some extra income in your business is to host a RockItCoin ATM. Why host a RockItCoin ATM? – RockItCoin provides generous compensation monthly once the ATM is installed. – The ATM only takes up roughly 18″ x 23″ inches. – It will increase exposure and foot traffic to your store….Read More

Scam Alerts

The best thing about Bitcoin is the user totally controls their own Bitcoin. No bank to hold it, no payment company to send it. The Bitcoin you hold in your digital wallet is controlled only by you and can be sent right when you want. Unfortunately, there are “bad guys” out there who try to…Read More

Tips, Advice, and Things To Look Out For

If you have come this far, that means that you have probably purchased Bitcoin from a RockItCoin ATM…. So congrats !! 😀 If not, don’t worry as this section (as well as the others) are a good place to start before purchasing Bitcoin from our machines. Throughout the sections of the FAQs we will cover…Read More

Where is my Bitcoin?

Bitcoin transactions are recognized by the Blockchain and soon after are “confirmed.” Normal confirmation time is from 5-30 minutes, 15 minutes on average. Confirmation time is dependent on the activity of the Bitcoin network. The more transactions that are taking place, the longer it takes for a transaction to confirm. Unfortunately RockItCoin cannot control how…Read More

How to Request/Receive and Send Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is a quick and efficient peer to peer payment method. It can be very useful when gifting or purchasing goods and services. This will require you to be able to send and receive Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Don’t worry, here at RockItCoin we have you covered. The first thing you’ll need to do is…Read More

How To Backup Your Bitcoin Wallet

How To Backup Your Bitcoin Wallet In this section, we are going to go over how to back up your Bitcoin wallet that you created.This is extremely important. If you were to lose your phone without backing up your wallet you run the risk of losing your Bitcoin! BEFORE BACKING UP YOUR BITCOIN WALLET, BE…Read More

Cómo comprar Bitcoin usando un cajero automático RockItCoin

Comprar Bitcoin en un cajero automático RockItCoin es sencillo. Simplemente sigue estos pasos: 1. Primero, si aún no lo ha hecho, configure su billetera digital usando la aplicación RockItCoinX. 2. Una vez que esté en el cajero automático, seleccione Comprar monedas en el menú que aparecerá en la pantalla. 3. En la siguiente pantalla, verá…Read More

Cómo vender Bitcoin usando un cajero automático RockItCoin

Siga estas instrucciones para vender Bitcoin usando un cajero automático RockItCoin: 1. Primero, configure su billetera usando la aplicación RockItCoinX 2. Cuando se acerque a la máquina, seleccione “Retirar efectivo” del menú principal. 3. En la siguiente pantalla, seleccione el rango de dólares que desea retirar. 4. Luego, verifique su identidad respondiendo las preguntas en…Read More

Cómo configurar su billetera RockItCoinX

Configurar su billetera RockItCoinX es fácil, solo siga estos sencillos pasos: 1. Primero, descargue la aplicación. 2. Cree su cuenta haciendo click en “Crear Una Cuenta” en su pantalla. Luego cree un nombre de usuario. 3. Cree una contraseña segura que tenga 10 caracteres de longitud con al menos una letra mayúscula y un número….Read More

Cómo solucionar problemas de la aplicación RockItCoinX Wallet

¿Tienes dificultades con la billetera RockItCoinX? No hay problema, estamos aquí para ayudarle. 1. Asegúrese de tener una copia de seguridad de su cuenta. Tan pronto como haya asegurado su información de inicio de sesión y haya configurado sus preguntas de recuperación, estamos listos para trabajar sin preocuparnos de perder el acceso a sus fondos….Read More

Cómo albergar un cajero automático RockItCoin en su negocio

Una excelente manera de obtener ingresos adicionales en su negocio es albergar un cajero automático RockItCoin. ¿Por qué albergar un cajero automático RockItCoin? – RockItCoin ofrece una generosa compensación mensual una vez que se instala el cajero automático. – El cajero automático ocupa aproximadamente 18 “x 23” pulgadas. – Aumentará la exposición y el tráfico…Read More

Alertas de Estafa

  Lo mejor de Bitcoin es que el usuario controla totalmente su propio Bitcoin. Ningún banco para retenerlo, ninguna compañía de pago para enviarlo. El Bitcoin que tiene en su billetera digital está controlado solo por usted y puede transferirlo cuando usted lo desee. Desafortunadamente, hay “tipos malos” que intentan usar Bitcoin como un medio…Read More

Tips, Consejos, Y Otras Cosas Más

Si ha llegado hasta aquí, eso significa que probablemente haya comprado Bitcoin en un cajero automático RockItCoin … ¡Así que felicidades! ???? De lo contrario, no se preocupe, ya que esta sección (así como las otras) es un buen lugar para empezar antes de comprar Bitcoin en nuestras máquinas. A lo largo de las secciones…Read More

What are your fees for makers and takers?

RockItCoin’s OTC trading services are competitively priced to encourage clients to return to us time and time again. We offer a variable rate of 3-6% dependent on transaction size and quantity. Preferential pricing may be offered to clients seeking to trade assets equivalent to $50,000 USD or greater, and to those who coordinate multiple transactions…Read More

How can I get started with crypto OTC trading?

Ready to take advantage of RockItCoin’s white glove services? Begin by reaching out to our customer service team. We will quickly assign you a designated OTC manager. Your manager will be your point-person, in charge of every aspect of your trade.  In the first phase of our process, we will walk you through the client…Read More

How can I communicate with RockItCoin while trading?

Every crypto OTC client benefits from our high-touch, white glove service through every step of the trading process. From the initial consultation all the way through the ultimate trade execution, your designated OTC manager and their team will keep you updated. Have questions or concerns part-way through the process? We’re available to respond to you…Read More

How do you safeguard user funds and privacy?

Nothing is more important to us than keeping your assets and privacy secure. To ensure that your privacy is never compromised, all of our crypto OTC trades are conducted without the use of public crypto exchanges. Keeping exchanges private helps us guarantee maximum security to every client who trusts us with their high-value transactions. Currently,…Read More