New RockItCoin ATMs were just added in Texas! See our newest locations. New RockItCoin ATMs were just added in Rhode Island! See our newest locations. New RockItCoin ATMs were just added in Washington! See our newest locations. New RockItCoin ATMs were just added in Minnesota! See our newest locations. New RockItCoin ATMs were just added in Connecticut! See our newest locations.

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Why Purchase Bitcoin from a RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM?


Our Bitcoin ATMs let you buy and sell Bitcoin with cash. All you need is a phone number.


Easier to use than traditional ATMs. You don’t even need a bank account or debit card at RockItCoin’s Bitcoin ATMs.


We have Bitcoin ATMs operating in 1500+ locations across the United States. There’s probably one near you right now!

Fast Transactions

Get Bitcoin in minutes not days, unlike some online exchanges.


RockItCoin never keeps copies of your private keys. Once you make a purchase, your coins are yours and yours alone.


RockItCoin kiosks sell more than just Bitcoin. They’re also Litecoin ATMs, Ether ATMs, and more!

Trade OTC With RockItCoin Fort Lauderdale, Aurora, Milwaukee

Trade OTC With RockItCoin

Get hands on help from an experienced trader when you trade Bitcoin over the counter with RockItCoin. Most of our OTC trades are settled the same day. Get started with trades $10,000+ today!

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Read the RockItCoin FAQs for tips, advice, and thing to look out for. Learn more about Bitcoin in our comprehensive knowledge base, or submit a ticket if there's something we didn't cover

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RockitCoin logra 1,000 cajeros automáticos crypto en todo el país

Chicago, abril 29, 2021/PRNewswire/ – Rockitcoin, el nombre de cajero automático Bitcoin más confiado ha anunciado hoy la instalación de su milésimo cajero automático en la conocida University Village 76 gas station in Seattle, WA. Los cajeros de rockitcoin proporcionan un modo veloz y seguro de invertir en criptocurrencias para cualquiera persona, aunque sin importar si…Lee mas

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RockItcoin instala un nuevo cajero automático de Bitcoin en Chicago

Manteniendo su promesa de instalar más cajeros de Bitcoin en Chicago, RockitCoin, una empresa de Bitcoin, ha anunciado que recientemente ha instalado un cajero de Bitcoin de 2 vías en Burham Liquors, 838, South Wabash. “Visita el más reciente cajero de Bitcoin a dos vías en Burham Liquors, 838 South Wabash. Esta es nuestra novena…Lee mas

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Más reciente RockItCoin cajero de Bitcoin se puede acceder 24/7

Hay una creciente necesidad de cajeros de Bitcoin que se pueden acceder todas las horas y que sean preferiblemente un tipo de maquín a dos vías. El más reciente cajero en Chicago no es un dispositivo a dos vías, pero se puede acceder 24/7. RockItCoin parece ser en el justo camino. Otro cajero 24/7 de…Lee mas

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